NOW STREAMING: The Prism Metanews Guide to January 6th

An anti-misinformation voice essay

Nov 28, 2022

In a few weeks it will be the two-year anniversary of the attack on the U.S. Capitol. And, still, many people have questions. Where did that even come from? How did events play out? What does it mean for the future of American politics?

In this four-part voice essay, Prism brings its meta approach and misinformation lens to this seminal American happening, examining what is real about January 6th—and the false narratives that have bred confusion about it.

Part 1 (Apple Podcasts)

The bottom line up front. What is broadly known about the events of January 6th, 2021 and a preview of the involved people, story arcs, and misinformation.

  • Chapter 0: Prologue

  • Chapter 1: The Facts of the Case

  • Chapter 2: Cast of Characters

  • Chapter 3: Plot Lines

Part 2 (Apple Podcasts)

A look at the months leading up to the violence, the lies that energized the movement that led to it, and machinations by Donald Trump and other powerful people to subvert the certification Electoral College.

  • Chapter 4: The Boy Who Cried Fraud

  • Chapter 5: Stop The Steal

  • Chapter 6: I’ll See You in Court

  • Chapter 7: Organized Subversion

  • Chapter 8: Insider Threat

Part 3 (Apple Podcasts)

Donald Trump activates the movement into a “wild” protest. His supporters, including large contingents of QAnon conspiracy theorists and militia members, answer the call. They violently storm the Capitol in an attempt to derail the count of President-Elect Joe Biden’s electoral votes. The mob hunts for Vice President Mike Pence and members of Congress. Authorities begin turning the crowd back, and President Trump tells people to go home. Biden’s win is certified.

  • Chapter 9: The Bat Signal

  • Chapter 10: Violent Overthrow

Part 4 (Apple Podcasts)

The things that happened just after, and my thoughts on how January 6th will echo through our politics and society in the coming years.

  • Chapter 11: Aftermath

  • Chapter 12: Legacies

  • Chapter 13: Epilogue

Thank you for listening,

— Kevin